What do the tools on the order detail screen do?

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On the order details screen, a variety of tools are provided for you to manage your BIBLIO orders. Below is a description of what each does:

Mark Shipped: This button indicates that the order has been shipped to the customer.  When you click on this, you'll be asked to enter a tracking number and shipping service. If you don't have tracking or don't want to enter it right now, check the box next to Continue with no tracking number and then click Mark as Shipped.

When you mark any order shipped, we'll automatically send a message to the customer confirming that the order will ship within 24 to 48 hours. When you add tracking, we'll send an automated email to the customer containing your tracking information.

The new order management tools will allow you to include a note to the customer to be sent along with any tracking details you enter. If you don't add tracking, you are always welcome to send separate emails to customers using the customer email address you will find in the order details.

Payment Pending: This button should be used only when a customer has indicated that they prefer to pay you directly using any of the payment methods you have set up in your Dealer Direct Payment options. When you mark an order as pending payment, an e-mail is automatically sent to the customer. When you receive the customer's payment, you should revisit this order and mark it as shipped. If payment does not arrive from the customer, use the Request Cancelation button and we will cancel the order so that your fulfillment is not affected.

Adjust charges:  This button allows you to reduce postage charges or request an increase in postage charges.  If you need to request in-state sales tax, please use this button to do so.*  If you reduce postage, changes take effect immediately and the customer is notified of the reduction.  If you need to request additional funds, an e-mail is automatically sent to the customer with your request.  The customer must click on the link sent to them in the e-mail to accept before any additional charges may be processed.  Once the customer accepts, we'll process the additional charge and you will be sent an email notice that the customer has accepted the charges and payment is processed.  Please note, when you make a request for additional postage, you'll see the order status changed to "Pending", and when the additional charge has been processed, you'll see that the order status has been changed to "Shipped".

On Dealer Direct paid orders, please note:

This works the same way for any orders where the customer is paying you directly, except of course that you will want to make sure that the customer has provided payment for the increased order total before you ship!

If you need to adjust the book price:

If the adjustment you need to make is a reduction in book price, please go ahead and mark the order as "Shipped", and then use the Refund button to make that adjustment. If you have underpriced the book, we ask that you cancel the order or ship it anyway, instead of asking customers for more funds.

Out-of-Stock / Reject: If all the books in the order are no longer available for sale, use this button. An e-mail will be automatically sent to the customer indicating that the books are no longer available for purchase. Orders marked as rejected will affect your fulfillment rate. If any individual items in a multiple-item order are not available, please use the cancel button you will see to the right of each individual item.  Please cancel individual items before marking the whole order "Shipped", to ensure that the charges are adjusted correctly.

Request Cancelation:  Use this button if the customer has contacted you directly to cancel an unshipped order, if you receive a request through BIBLIO to cancel an unshipped order, or if for another reason the cancelation should not influence your fulfillment rate. Orders, where there has been a charge increase, requested and rejected by the customer can easily be canceled this way. Orders will be automatically canceled after ten days if the customer has rejected your request for additional postage or has not yet responded to it.

Packing Slip: This generates a combination shipping label/packing slip that you can print. The top portion can be used as a mailing label. It has the customer's shipping address and your business address. You can affix this to the outside of your package. The bottom portion includes the order details and can be included inside the package.

For details about all the options you have for finding and viewing your orders, click here.

You can always contact us directly at bookseller-support@biblio.com if you have any questions about using these tools for particular orders.  Please be sure to include the order number in your message.

*Recent tax law changes in some US states now require that BIBLIO calculate, collect and remit sales tax to those states. You do not need to request additional funds to cover sales tax to your customers in those states. BIBLIO will be doing that for you. If you are a seller in one of the affected states, or you aren't sure whether your state is affected, please click here for more details.

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