Searching BIBLIO's Booksellers

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Booksellers and Their Inventory

There are a few important features about the bookseller in each BIBLIO book listing. You can see where they're located, what their fulfillment rating is, and you can even ask them questions about the item.

How to Find A Specific Bookseller

If you're a fan of a particular bookseller, you can always browse just their inventory on BIBLIO. All you have to do is just find their seller profile page, and you can search from there!

Search BIBLIO Booksellers

What do the Stars Mean?

The star rating that you will see for each bookseller represents that seller's order fulfillment rate for the previous 90 days. Order fulfillment is the percentage of orders placed with that seller which were filled.

***** 96% to 100%

**** 90% to 95%

*** 85% to 89%

** 70% to 84%

* 0% to 69%

How can I Filter Booksellers?

Favorite Sellers:

When there is a bookseller in your search results who you wish to see more of, click the heart-shaped icon next to their name in the search results. This will mark that seller as a favorite of yours, and you will see “favorites” as a filter on the left sidebar of search results pages on BIBLIO. This allows you to more easily see if the item you are searching for is in the inventory of your preferred sellers.

Exclude Sellers:

If there is a bookseller who you do not wish to see in your search results, click the Ghostbusters icon next to their name. This will refresh the search page, hiding that seller from your current search results as well as giving you the option to “permanently” exclude them from future searches.

TIP: You can always revisit those options if you change your mind. Just login to your customer account and check your preferences.

How Often do Sellers Update Inventory?


The books listed on BIBLIO are updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thousands of books are added to our inventory daily, and many items that are already listed are edited, deleted, or updated by our independent sellers.

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