BIBLIO Sales Tax Nexus

Modified on Thu, 12 Oct, 2023 at 11:11 AM

A number of states have recently changed their tax laws around online sales. You will not need to collect sales tax on your BIBLIO orders shipping to customers in your state. BIBLIO will do this on your behalf. When filing your state sales tax return you can then deduct these sales from your taxable sales. BIBLIO will provide a breakdown of the relevant sales tax amount in our itemized order history report.

LocaleCalculation methodRateShipping includedEffective date
AlaskaCalculated based on location0.00 % +Yes2020-04-01
ArkansasCalculated based on location6.50 % +Yes2019-07-01
ArizonaCalculated based on location5.60 % +No2019-10-01
CaliforniaCalculated based on location7.25 % +No2019-10-01
ColoradoCalculated based on location2.90 % +No2019-10-01
District of Columbiafixed6.00 %Yes2019-04-01
FloridaCalculated based on location6.00 % +Yes2021-07-01
GeorgiaCalculated based on location4.00 % +Yes2019-04-01
HawaiiCalculated based on location4.00 % +Yes2020-01-01
IowaCalculated based on location6.00 % +No2019-01-01
Illinoisfixed6.25 %Yes2020-01-01
Indianafixed7.00 %Yes2019-07-01
KansasCalculated based on location6.50 % +Yes2019-10-01
Kentuckyfixed6.00 %Yes2019-07-01
LouisianaCalculated based on location4.45 % +Yes2021-07-01
Massachusettsfixed6.25 %No2019-10-01
Marylandfixed6.00 %No2019-10-01
Mainefixed5.50 %No2019-10-01
Michiganfixed6.00 %Yes2020-01-01
MinnesotaCalculated based on location6.88 % +Yes2021-10-01
North CarolinaCalculated based on location6.75 % +Yes2020-02-01
North DakotaCalculated based on location5.00 % +Yes2019-10-01
NebraskaCalculated based on location5.50 % +Yes2019-06-01
New JerseyCalculated based on location6.63 % +Yes2019-03-01
New MexicoCalculated based on location6.81 % +Yes2021-01-01
NevadaCalculated based on location6.85 % +No2019-10-01
New YorkCalculated based on location8.00 % +Yes2019-06-01
OhioCalculated based on location6.50 % +Yes2019-09-01
OklahomaCalculated based on location5.00 % +No2018-07-01
PennsylvaniaCalculated based on location6.00 % +Yes2018-07-01
Rhode Islandfixed7.00 %Yes2019-07-01
South CarolinaCalculated based on location6.00 % +Yes2021-01-01
South DakotaCalculated based on location4.50 % +Yes2019-03-01
TennesseeCalculated based on location8.50 % +Yes2020-10-01
TexasCalculated based on location8.25 % +Yes2019-10-01
UtahCalculated based on location4.70 % +No2019-10-01
VirginiaCalculated based on location5.30 % +No2019-07-01
Vermontfixed6.00 %Yes2019-07-01
WashingtonCalculated based on location7.70 % +Yes2018-04-01
WisconsinCalculated based on location5.00 % +Yes2019-10-01
West VirginiaCalculated based on location6.00 % +Yes2019-07-01
WyomingCalculated based on location4.00 % +No2019-07-01
United KingdomCalculated based on product type0.00 % +Yes2021-07-01
Australiafixed10.00 %Yes2018-07-01
New Zealandfixed15.00 %Yes2019-12-01
European UnionCalculated based on product type0.00 % +Yes2021-07-01

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