How do I delete or remove listings from Biblio?

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We want to make managing your inventory on BIBLIO as easy as pie. So, let's dive in and break it down for you. Sellers can always manage listings manually, one at a time, and/or upload inventory files. If you are managing your listings manually, please see this page for details: 

Managing your listings using your BiblioDirect bookseller menu

Uploading Your Inventory

Most inventory management software out there lets you create or export inventory data files that you can upload to BIBLIO. The good news is, BIBLIO plays nice with many popular inventory programs like HomeBase and Excel. If you're unsure about how to use your software to update your BIBLIO listings, don't sweat it. Just shoot us an email at Tell us which program you're using, and we'll do our best to give you all the info and instructions you need. Here's a link to our page detailing the upload formats we can work with:

What upload formats does Biblio accept?

You can upload files to add and remove listings, as well as update the details or price of existing listings. The key is to have a unique inventory number or sku for each listing that is never changed or re-used for another book. Our system will key off of that inventory number for any updates, adds or deletes.

Uploading listings you want to remove from active inventory

If you use a status and/or quantity field in your uploads, keep in mind that any listing uploaded with a quantity of zero will be processed as an inactive or sold record. If you include a status for any listing indicating an item is unavailable, it will remove that listing from your active inventory. Uploading any listing with a price of zero will also remove it from your active inventory. 

If you are uploading a file that includes only items you want to remove, you can choose the "deletes only" option from the upload page. When you choose that option, our system will remove any listings in the file from your active inventory, regardless of quantity, status, etc. That looks like this on the upload page:

Deleting listings using Bulk Deletes

Technically, listings are not "deleted" from our database unless you upload a purge and replace. If you are managing listings manually or uploading files to remove existing listings, you are simply changing the listing status from active to inactive, or vice versa. Still, we refer to our tool for removing multiple listings from active inventory as "Bulk Deletes". Here's how you use that:

Log in to your BiblioDirect Seller Tools menu and click on the Inventory tab at the top of the page. Select Bulk delete from the drop-down menu. You'll see a box where you can enter the inventory numbers of the items you want to delete, separated by spaces, commas, or line breaks, and then hit Review. You'll get a chance to double-check your deletes before they're finalized. Just make sure to include your inventory numbers exactly as they appear, and include any leading zeros if needed (e.g., 003489 instead of 3489 if your inventory numbers include zeros).

Keep Your Database Updated

Tip: If you manage your own database for listings and also make manual changes on BIBLIO, make sure to update your database as well when you make those manual changes. If we receive an upload with different data for a listing you've manually added, removed, or edited, the data from your upload will take precedence.

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