Unveiling the Shipping Matrix: Your Guide to Easy Book Shipping

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Let's dive into how the shipping matrix works. It might sound a bit technical, but don't worry; we're here to make it super easy to understand.

What's the Shipping Matrix?

The shipping matrix is your superpower for controlling postage rates and telling customers when their books will arrive. You can tweak these rates based on your experience and the actual shipping costs you face. If you're a U.S. seller sending books overseas, we've got a special program to make international shipping a breeze.

How to Customize Your Shipping Matrix

  1. Go to "Account" and select "Shipping matrix." You'll see some fields that need your attention, like estimated delivery days. Don't use zeros unless you want to offer free shipping.

  1. Speaking of free shipping, here's a cool tip: Offering free shipping can make customers super happy and boost your sales. You can enter zeros in the standard shipping field for your own area or for extra books in the same order. It's like a little gift to encourage customers to order more.

  1. Do you want to customize shipping speeds? You got it! Standard options are the most affordable, not those super slow surface or sea mail options for international packages. We've got expedited and express options too. Express shipping should be so fast it gets the book to your customer in one to three days from the order date.

  1. Sometimes, you might need to adjust charges for certain orders. If a book is huge or super heavy, or if the postage paid is more than the actual cost, you can make changes. Customers will know if they need to chip in a bit more for postage, and they can say "yes" or "no." Reductions happen right away. Check out this article for more information.

  1. Need some extra customization magic? No problem! We can add zones, give them fancy names, or change which countries are in each zone. Just drop us a line at bookseller-support@biblio.com.

That wasn't so tough, was it? If you've got any more questions or just want to chat, we're always here for you at bookseller-support@biblio.com. Happy bookselling! 

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